Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial cleaning package will include professional cleaning from top to bottom and everything in between! You can expect our team to exceed your expectations by cleaning and dusting the decor, surfaces, and walls.

Office Cleaning

In individual office spaces, our team is trained to lift items, clean, and set them right back down as to not disrupt your workflow.

  • We focus on touchpoints such as drawer pulls, handles, and light switches that everyone touches.
  • Bathrooms are fully sanitized to provide a healthy space for customers as well as your team.
  • All break areas are cleaned and sanitized including the inside of the microwave, appliances, counters, sinks, and tables.
  • Trash will be pulled and disposed of in your on-site provided dumpster.
  • We handle the floor with care by vacuuming and mopping with a PH neutral cleaner.

*We do not provide floor stripping and waxing services. 

Affordable office cleaning in Shreveport and Alexandria LA